Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jean-der Swapping

I return!  We'll see how long I stick around this time.
Another caption inspired by the magnificent work of Zouscha.  The picture demanded that I delve into this universe.
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  1. Great Pic and really clever CAP. Both boss, both. >:)

  2. Must have been the first used of the Jeans Therapy as the friend is not very curvy, are you planning to do a series based on the 3 Zouscha stories?

    1. "Plan" is a very strong word. If the inspiration strikes me then sure, I would love to spend some more time in Zouscha's universes but I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation if I were you.

    2. Shame Zouscha's Universe has some weird twists & turns, the Swedish Fish for example.

    3. Well, I have a caption in the Swedish Fish universe. Go check it out, it was posted in October of last year, should be easy for you to spot.