Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just a Game

Don't Expect This Level Of Production To Continue.
Comment, Rate, Enjoy!


  1. But, alas, once wresting the curious key from the raven, it will answer your query of when you might return to your "user dimension", (or, "user dementia"?) with that fabled saying, "Nevermore!"; Thus leaving you to continue ever on the quest of the fair, good Knight, Gaily Bedight, in search of "Belle Dorado"!..

    A wonderful interpretation of this lovely image, Josey! So good, I could not help but twist it with that classic quest immortalized by EAPoe.!


  2. First time here and WOW! like w8z above said I love it - for a moment I was in a flashback/forward? to a magical time. Thank you Josey - this is a sexy and deep approach to tg captions - I'm going to the next one now!