Thursday, September 13, 2012

Know by Tonight

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Sorry for the long absence, insane levels of business combined with a lack of drive to create captions are to blame.  That and the fact that I have been working on my real writing a lot of late.  Anyway, I am back for this caption at least, I hope you like it.


  1. Looks like his right hand is inspecting the progress of her grand opening for tonight's debut! And she'll surely be turning some heads from the looks of things so far!!


  2. Josey, is there any way you could post the source of the image? I'd really appreciate it c:

    1. If you mean the uncaptioned photo itself, I cannot since I delete the original image after I caption it to save on space. As to where I got the image, I would prefer to keep those sources to myself. I get enough people captioning photos that I have in my queue as it is without people pulling directly from my sources. I will tell you that you can find tons of images on any number of tumblr pages. If you are interested in the original source, I believe that the model in question is September Carrino.