Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bimbo Apocalypse - Would Be Survivors

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Edit: I'm not entirely sure why I gave this caption a sub-title.  You can think of this as either a first foray into another universe that I'm creating or as a caption with two titles.  I will say that it is most likely the former.


  1. Lol. Whenever I watch Zombie movies, I always spend time afterwards thinking about what I would do to survive and escape, casting elaborate plans in my head.

    In this particular scenario, I'd walk straight out with welcoming arms and let the bimbos infect me. Mmmmh, even better, maybe I'd trap us all in a building and let them in!

    Great idea, and great use of image. I can almost imagine her jumping up and down giggling as her boobs bounce as she tries to get at the guys inside.

  2. Yay!! Been so long since I've seen a new 'Bimbo Zombie' caption.

    Great image too. The fact that she is licking her lips staring at the viewer makes it all the more enticing.

    What will happen next though? Will the Bimbos embrace or go back to the Hunt?

  3. What a PERFECT source image for this story!

    I just started my own caption Blog, and would appreciayte ANY amd all advice on captions or Blogs :)


    1. The biggest thing I can recommend is to keep text files of your captions so that if and when you find typos and errors later on in your published caps, it is a lot easier to fix them. Other than that, I'd say write what you enjoy and if the caption isn't coming out the way you like, don't be afraid to chuck it all and start over from the beginning. There is nothing worse than a caption, or any piece of writing, that you had to force out.