Thursday, May 3, 2012

Virtual Alterations

Comment, Rate, Vote, Enjoy!

I feel it worth pointing out, since this came up recently, that if anyone wants to build on any of my captions or universes you are more than welcome to.  You don't even need to ask permission,  all I ask that you do is say where the idea for that caption came from.  Say you have an idea for a Femme Rain caption, or a Madame Rochelle's House of Pleasure, all you need to do when you post it is mention my blog and maybe put up a link to the caption that inspired you.  If you do I will be more than happy to plug said caption or story in my next post.
With that in mind, here's Laura Jade's recent Femme Rain caption Femme Rain Water Pistol.

1 comment:

  1. Great caption! I don't see why the changes would cause him a problem though - maybe soon he can live as Cindy for real and save on all those electricity bills at the same time!